Lyric Welcomes Wilson

Wilson SophiaDoes Wilson Make The World’s Best Speakers? Many Think So.

WAMM, WHOW, Grand SLAMM! It’s enough to make you wonder WATT in blazes is happening?

No, this isn’t a discourse on pop art paintings that resemble blown up comic book panels. It’s an introduction to the venerated loudspeaker designer, David Wilson, who has used those terms as model designations.

Don’t let the names mislead you. Wilson speakers deliver far more than the blunt-force bass that they imply. Dynamic power, always a Wilson hallmark, is just one reason audiophiles revere the brand. Countless devotees will tell you, without hesitation, that Wilson speakers have it all.

We concur. Wilsons are forcefully dynamic yet highly detailed, fast and distortion-free, exceptionally transparent with true-to-life timbre, and as spatially correct as any loudspeaker has ever been.

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The Art Of McIntosh

Hi-Fi’s First Audiophile Brand Means Thrilling Music For A Lifetime

McIntosh, hi-fi’s oldest audiophile manufacturer, has produced a steady stream of superlative products for more than 65 years and continues the tradition with models such as those featured below. Read about their unique features, click on the images to expand them, then come hear thecomponents in our showrooms. You can also click these links to learn about Important McIntosh Benefits and The Rich McIntosh Heritage.

McIntosh MHA100

MHA100 Headphone Amplifier: A significant step forward in personal listening, the MHA100 combines a cornucopia of McIntosh advancements. One is a new iteration of the firm’s tried-and-true Autoformer technology; it provides three headphone impedance ranges, 8-40, 40-150 and 150-600 ohms, to accommodate ‘phones ranging from ear buds to professional studio models. The unit also features a Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD), which allows headphones to deliver multi-dimensional imaging and a sense of space that music lovers could previously attain only with speakers. With four digital inputs, this outstanding amplifier can decode digital music files at up to 32 bits/192kHz, and it also gives you two analog inputs. Downsized for placement flexibility, the MHA100 is the most easily-positioned amp in the McIntosh line, yet it will feed 50 watts of power to a pair of speakers when you choose to listen through them instead of with headphones. (That power rating is, as is always the case with McIntosh amps, conservative.) The company’s famed Power Guard system prevents clipping, and a 5-Step Bass Boost control allows individualized low-frequency tailoring. Naturally, the MHA100’s polished stainless steel chassis is classically McIntosh, from the instantly-recognizable blue meters and glass front panel to the handsome, signature knobs and brushed aluminum end caps.

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British Crown Jewels

You’ll Find The Diamonds From Bowers & Wilkins Absolutely Dazzling

B&W 802 D3 Head UnitIn 1979, Bowers & Wilkins introduced its original 801 loudspeaker, a giant step forward for the firm and its customers but a mere first step in the creation of what has since become an almost mythic model range.

The venerable British firm unveiled its 800 Diamond range at the January 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show and has since followed it with improved D2 and D3 iterations, each of which embodied numerous refinements and improved sonics.  These speakers mirror a long tradition of distinguished English luxury goods, such as Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles, and clothing by Burberry and Barbour. The company’s diamond dome tweeters are built into every 800 model, even the stand mounted 805, for clear, uncolored, distortion-free sound.

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Magneplanars Are Magic

Best-Value Speakers — Made In America, Cherished In China

Magneplanar .7

Every audio enthusiast who has heard Magneplanars will tell you that they represent outstanding value, and many seasoned listeners insist they provide better sonics for less money than any other loudspeaker bar none. Speakers sounding anywhere near as good invariably sell for at least two or three times the price.

When you play music through Magneplanars, instrumental and vocal performers really do sound as if they’re right there with you in your listening room.

Magneplanars are made by Magnepan, a family-owned Minnesota firm whose founder invented them in the 1960s. They’re panel-shaped and, as a result, produce exceptionally open sound — never unnaturally constricted. Music played through them stretches across a wide, exceptionally realistic soundstage.

You might say Magneplanars are the sonic equivalent of the biggest and best HDTV monitors.

Magneplanar model introductions are few and far between, and they invariably create considerable excitement in audiophile circles. When Magnepan unveiled the 1.7, the first model with a designation ending in the number 7, golden ears everywhere perked up. The technolgoy that speaker embodies has since been incorporated by three additional models. Belginning with the least expensive, we’ve spotlighted them below.

The Magneplanar .7: Apartment Friendly

Many listeners who, in the past, coveted Magneplanars but found them too large for their listening rooms were delighted when the .7 appeared. It was created to address that very problem, and it succeeds brilliantly. If your listening room is relatively small, the .7 could be the Magneplanar for you.

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This Is Vinyl’s Golden Era

Hear Today’s Super-Fi LPs Outdo The Originals — On An Affordable Rega Turntable

MusicMattersIn an era increasingly associated with digital devices, the renaissance of analogue recordings and turntables made to play them has amazed many observers. While some attribute the phenomenon to nostalgia, we know it occurred because music on vinyl, always marvelous, sounds better than ever.

Many of the industry’s classic albums have been remastered and pressed on heavy, high grade vinyl, which is vastly superior to the commercial grade. These new records sound substantially better than the originals — provided, that is, you play them on a high quality turntable.

Though Lyric was one of the first American audio stores to offer CD players, we never stopped recommending turntables to our audiophile clients. These days, given the proliferation of remastered, super-fi LPs, we once again see the turntable as essential to every home music system.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a serious listener on a budget, or a veteran audiophile in search of a top-echelon model, we have the perfect turntable for you.

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